Wooow …!

Every now and then, very rarely, I am surprised by wool socks that were manufactured industrially. It hasn't happened to me for a long time, but this one simply knocked me off my feet: It's …

Secession pattern by Kristina Vilimaite #scarves Ravelry: Project Gallery for Secession shawl pattern by Kristina Vilimaite

Looking for a special Father's Day gift? 🍺🧡 We have the right instructions for you. #vatertag #papa #fathersday # gift # beer mug

Ravelry: Project Gallery for Downtown Line pattern by Joji Locatelli

Saara Toikka Instructions: Cast on back piece 85 (93) 101 (109) 117 (125) sts

vest finished

Chic in knits: a green hint of nothing

Crochet pattern triangular scarf NOFA

Do not knit the last stitch in a row, just lift off (edge ​​stitch). knit the first stitch again. except



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