Sweater, Sienna Sienna

Sweater, Sienna Sienna

A beautiful new crochet cloth has been created – the Magnolia cloth! It consists of different types of patterns that have been playfully combined here. If you use 800 m LL with 4-ply yarn, you can use a span of approx. 150 cm and i

Stripper – triangular scarf

Checked coat Red Gerry WeberGerry Weber

Free knitting instructions: pointed hat and triangular scarf for children 2 – 4 years

Knitting pattern Loop from sock wool | Instructions | Finkhof

Knit a cute baby jacket, a classic of baby equipment. Find a free knitting pattern for a baby jacket in size 56/62 at Talu!

Cashmere sweater in rose windsor

Emporio Armani men's scarf, cotton, gray patterned Armani

Cable plus size pullover drifter in large sizes – black – 48-50 from Lands 'End Lands' End


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