Silk scarves for women

Silk scarf neckerchief scarf black silk 150x35cm

mind knitting – by popular request: the pucksack

Now they are gone, the "remains" of the stole and the triangular scarf. The result is a summer bag. Squeaky-colored. For the bathing lake, as a food bag for possible bike tours, as a Saturday morning breakfast bag for the baker or as a colorful hangover in the hallway. Well, there are very elegant crocheted bags in gray, beige…. Would they perhaps be a more suitable companion for … "Crochet remaining stock – bag" read more →

Knitting pattern: scarf with braids – a knitting pattern

Fashionable poncho

Knitting instructions Easy by Melanie Mielinger / The name says it all. It's “easy” and easy to rework. Ideal for all beginners who want to dare to wear a cloth. You should be able to: Knit right stitches, left stitches, knit 2 stitches together and increase stitches.


Triangular scarf with lace pattern and fringes – free knitting instructions


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