Silk scarf neckerchief scarf natural white white silk 150x35cm

Silk scarf neckerchief scarf natural white white silk 150x35cm

Are you still looking for the perfect companion through the cold season? Then I have just the thing for you! Because what could be better than a great self-knitted headband for warm ears? Also as a gift for family and friends, a great alternative to the products from the large well-known business chains. The two variants that I would like to show you here are not only for advanced users

Classic Carlo sweater with round neck, black Carlo Colucci

This kite tail was created from the remaining 1 1/2 balls of Erikas wool: It was very relaxing to crochet this pattern …

How to knit a boomerang heel or a reinforced heel. In our knitting instructions we show you exactly the two variations.

Silk stole scarf neckerchief chiffon black silk 230x55cm

Crochet Circle # Tablecloth Sewing – Surin

Free knitting instructions for a large scarf knitted in ajour pattern, #stricken / knitting pattern for an oversized cape via

Nike Air Men's Short Sleeve Knit Top – Blue NikeNike

Cashmere scarf black Eagle ProductsEagle Products


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