Save 48% today – Dream Color

Dream Color – Now only € 6.00 Dream Color consists of 100% new wool, great balls of 100 gr with a long barrel length. The yarn has a nice long color change and is available in a unique color scale. Dream Color can transform even the simplest models into brisk unique pieces.

This scarf enchants with its unusual shape and the thick, identical braid in the patent pattern. A stitch test is not necessary – the size can be adjusted with a little st …

Hand-knitted lace pattern cloth with a picot border made of pure, extra-fine merino wool from Lana Grossa #werbung

Corner-2-Corner (C2C)

knitted-fish-asymmetrical-scarf-early fog.03

Scarf from the Boppel polar night

Anna Free Instructions: A garden guy just for you! – OZ publishing house

Women's fashion poncho long beige super elegant

Material 150g yarn in 6-ply sock wool I used: 50g twisted fifties in “favorite jeans” from dibadu and 100g merino yarn from inclusio in the Peac dyeing…

Finished: my crocheted lace triangle scarf – crochet fever


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