Pink Gerry Weber striped sweater

Pink Gerry Weber striped sweater

A stole is just the thing on warm summer evenings. In this free knitting instruction we show you how to knit a stole.

Classic Carlo sweater with round neck, black Carlo Colucci

Leaf pattern cloth Montani – free knitting instructions

Silk scarf neckerchief scarf natural white white silk 150x35cm silk scarf …

Bona Notte #knit ideas with leftovers stole or scarf knit from wool residues a …, #from #Bona #Ideas #mit

How to knit a boomerang heel or a reinforced heel. In our knitting instructions we show you exactly the two variations.

Audrey Lace Shawl Free Knitting Pattern #freeknittingpattern #shawl #knittingpattern #lace #knitting

Crochet Circle # Tablecloth Sewing – Surin

Free knitting instructions for a large scarf knitted in ajour pattern, #stricken / knitting pattern for an oversized cape via


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