Liu Jo scarves woman stole N19334T0300 Cornflower Liu JoLiu Jo

Liu Jo scarves woman stole N19334T0300 Cornflower Liu JoLiu Jo

Knit cloth »ERIU« – Join the knit-along! After the successful sock KAL, Barbara is organizing another KAL. The pattern is knitted with sustainable yarn »BAMBU« from ggh. # Instructions #Bambu #GGH #cloth

knit cloth Miss Winkle: Knit cloth with curling loops

Cardigan frizzy right with three-quarter sleeves – initiative handmade, # three-quarter sleeves #hand-made #initiative #kraus

The Perl-Tüchle is a very noble Tüchle. From 200 gr. Finest yak with silk and a simple pattern, then crocheted and with crocheted pearls, this scarf is a wonderful summer towel.

Lothlorien Wedding Bolero Sweater Bridesmaid Accessories. image 8

Silk scarf neckerchief scarf chiffon cappuccino dark brown silk 180x55cm

I have been asked this question many times, especially when I was wearing one of my scarves. I was not only asked knitting beginners, but also some older women who had already knitted a lot of sweaters or socks ….

Lierys Lunana knitted scarf scarf winter scarf women's scarf men's scarf LierysLierys

Silk stole scarf neckerchief chiffon fuchsia pink pink silk 230x55cm


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