Knitted hats for women

Felicia knitted hat by Lierys LierysLierys

Heathcloth "Purple Break" made of gradient yarn from Woolypop. Instructions also suitable for beginners. With knitting and detailed explanation. Free pattern

Crochet pattern triangular scarf NOFA

An absolutely unique piece: triangular scarf "Beatrice" made of sock wool remnants – Kerstins knitting

… for my youngest granddaughter there was already something to see when I converted it into a vase cover for my Friday flowers. …

I have something ready again 🙂 including instructions .. You need: A 100-color game unique, 5-thread, special size .. Mine is the …

Triangular scarf with two braids – free knitting instructions

Easy Goes It Shawl Knitting Free Pattern – Women #Shawl; Free #Knitting; Stalemate …


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