Knit a cozy soul warmer

Knitting Instructions – Knit Soul Warmer | | Buy wool & handicrafts online

Soul Warmer Poncho Shrug – Free Knitting Instructions

Lana Grossa, approx. 800 (850) g ​​in heather pink | Circular knitting needle size 6.5

Shades of Alpaca Silk Lana Gross triangular scarf pattern mix

So it is done, my sample mermaid is ready, 900m LL, color Indian Summer, 4-ply. I am very enthusiastic about the scarf, it is nice and big and easy to knit "on the side". Do that …

Colorful stripes and patterned arm warmers – free knitting instructions

Birthday gift for blog: Free knitting instructions "Dragon Tail Belatrix" – How to Train Your Dragon – DIY DIY DIY

Notre-V high boots 173/03 black women

Heathcloth "Purple Break" made of gradient yarn from Woolypop. Instructions also suitable for beginners. With knitting and detailed explanation. Free pattern

Textured knit sweater Red Gerry WeberGerry Weber


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