Crochet cloth "CraSy Fachwerk"

Crochet cloth "CraSy Fachwerk" – YouTube

Crochet pattern triangular scarf NOFA

dragon tail-knit-dragon-scarf-12

Heather towel "Purple break" or just something to cuddle •

Crochet pattern triangular scarf NOFA

Tuovis autumn socks size: 40-42 yarn: magic ball cloud 8 double pointed needles 3.0 60 total stitches cuffs: 3 r / 1 l pattern: 1 R: …

Free knitting instructions for beginners: Shawl collar 1 x fixed knit + 3 x differently wearable!

Knitting instructions Ellis Shawl by Melanie Mielinger This pretty scarf starts with just a few stitches and gets bigger and bigger with side increases. The instructions are in German and also suitable for beginners with basic knowledge. You get the cuddly short list of abbreviations for free. Melanie designs great sweaters, scarves and other wonderful knitting instructions. #Manual

Sommerbrisetuch – free instructions – gluten-free recipes & creative ideas


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