After the soul warmer, whom I presented 2 years ago in the ARD buffet …

After the soul warmer, whom I had presented in the ARD buffet a good 2 years ago, is still at the top of your "favorite model list"

Knitting school: design your own scarves | Simply creative

Crochet Scarf – Lavender Dream- Crochet a simple scarf

The soft scarf-hat duo is knitted in the so-called Sleeping Beauty pattern – a lace pattern that is easy to rework. The triangular scarf and the Beenie hat look noble due to the beautiful silvery-gray color. Together they are two ideal companions through cold winter days.

"Sweet Maria" crochet cloth

Knitting instructions cloth "Cozy Winter"

Winter stole with 1 BOBBEL-MOHAIR from Woolly Hugs knit with Veronika Hug

Crochet pattern rainbow sister – full view of the cloth


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