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This Pin was discovered by Fat

This triangular scarf is airy and light – a wonderful accessory that can accompany you all year round. It is knitted from just three balls of Tahiti by Schachenmayr with needle 3 or 3.5. The finished cloth has a size of approx. … read more

The addendum in advance: Brief explanation of the yarn The yarn is not twisted, it is folded. That means the threads are loosely next to each other, which gives a very nice knitting. Whenever the F …

Knitting – Tuch Butterfly – shortened series with Veronika Hug Part 1 – YouTube

Triangular scarf with lace pattern and fringes – free knitting instructions

Simple shoulder cloth instruction from

Golden October has given us a few hours of sunshine in the past few days. Perfect, I did a lot in the garden and around the house. In the evening I did a few hours of knitting, my joints weren't really happy, but a long-term project was finished. I've wanted a traditional cloth for a long time, but not …

More than a scarf: you choose your style💗

Cuddly soft scarf made of merino – viscose mixed yarn with gloss effects. Easy to knit from right and left stitches.

Instructions knit triangle scarf Knit Knit Berlin


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